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Custom analysis of OER survey data is now available on a for-fee basis.

About BSRG


Babson Survey Research Group provides the following services:

Survey Design: Overall design of survey project, including preliminary testing, instrument validation, testing for response time, and clarity of questions for all survey years.

Sample Selection: Identification of the survey population and selection of the sample of interest for the survey. Creation of sample files for survey invitation and preloading response database.

Survey Administration: Sending survey invitation messages, tracking of all responses by time, date, and all independent variables, and sending reminder messages specifically tailored for each class of respondent. Response monitoring by subgroups, date and time email sent, wording of invitation message, and multiple independent variables.

Response Rate and Bias Analysis: Analysis of survey responses by multiple characteristics to discover possible patterns in response rates and sources of response bias and examination of response patterns for multiple independent sub-samples. Creation of sample weights for analysis of the data as needed.

Data Cleaning: Complete analysis of all data items – including assignment of missing values (structural missing, no response to question, partial response to question), data integrity check for each data element based on range and allowable values, the relationship of individual data elements in the survey to each other, the relationship of data elements to responses from previous years, and the relationship of data elements to those from other data sources.

Database Design: Design of analysis database, including missing data imputation, internal and external data integrity testing, and merging of data from multiple sources. This often includes merging files for multiple years of a survey for longitudinal analyses.

Statistical Analysis: Creation of analysis files for statistical software (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R), design of analysis plan, choice of statistical technique, creation of all tables and analyses, statistical testing as appropriate.

Report Creation: Creation of research reports for a survey, including design, layout and printing or creation of a downloadable pdf.